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About Us

At Tiddlywinks your child will be in the safe hands of our dedicated staff 

Our Vision


At the heart of our vision we believe that all children deserve the right to have the best start in life.  We nurture all children's natural curiosity, joyfulness and intrinsic creativity as powerful motivators across all areas of learning and development.


Our Values


Children's emotional well being is of paramount importance so that children feel safe, confident and are able to become involved and thrive.

Effective communication is the thread through which children are able to express and share their ideas, wants and needs.

The uniqueness of every child is respected.  Their experiences, fascinations and interests provide the basis for our provision.

Working with parents as partners through respectful, positive relationships is vital for helping children learn and develop.

Warm responsive relationships build confidence and trust so children feel loved and safe.

Genuine play lies at the heart of all learning and development.

A richly resourced and challenging environment both indoor and outdoors is essential for promoting children's engagement, curiosities, learning and resilience.

We nurture a love of the natural environment and caring for our world.



Tiddlywinks is open:

Monday - Thursday 9.00am - 3.00pm and Friday 9.00am - 12.00pm

Health & Safety

We are continually updating our policies to ensure that all the children are developing and growing in a safe and sustainable environment.

Tiddlywinks policies are aligned to the guidelines issued by local authorities that are constantly updated. All the policies can be viewed on our policies page, using the link below 

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