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How the children develop

Characteristics of effective learning 

At Tiddlywinks the staff make it a priority to get to know all the children individually and every child is assigned a key person. 

The child's key person will record and support their development aligned with the statutory framework that is provided by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) .  The three characteristics of active learning that Tiddlywinks supports are: 

  • Play and Exploration​

  • Active Learning

  • Creating and thinking critically

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Play and exploration

Tiddlywinks provides an enabling environment to facilitate free flow play. We learn through play via the children's interests and build on their ideas to extend their learning.  


Active learning

The children at Tiddlywinks are encouraged to explore areas of their owns interests. Based on their interests the children are able to concentrate and are willing to persevere when exploring and expanding their knowledge of the subject. Enjoying their achievements is much more fun if it is on their own terms  

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Creating and thinking critically

At this stage the children are discovering different ways to achieve things. The staff encourage the children to develop their own ideas and also to share ideas with their peers to solve problems together.

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