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Everything you need to know

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Tiddlywinks follows the statutory staff ratios for each age group to ensure all children are cared for appropriately. 

We currently have spaces available and accept children from 2 years 6 months.

Tiddlywinks accepts children who qualify for NEF funding as well as 15 and 30 hours of free child care  (Childcare Choices


If you would like more information please contact us 

Tiddlywinks is open Monday-Thursday 9am-3pm and Friday 9am-12pm. 

Autumn Term 2023
4th September to 20th October

Half Term
23rd October to 27th October

30th October to 15th December

Spring Term 2024
8th January to 16th February

Half Term
19th February to 23rd February

26th February to 28th March

Summer Term 2024
15th April to 24th May

Bank Holiday
6th May (closed)

Half Term
27th May to 31st May

3rd June to 19th July

Tem Dates

Nutritious food is important for children to be able to grow and learn.  At Tiddlywinks we educate the children about healthy eating and encourage them to try new foods regularly.  Fresh fruit is on our daily menu.  The snack menu is sent to the parents for the coming week.   

We have links with our local supermarket who provide us with fresh food weekly.


Children are offered a healthy snack during the morning and afternoon sessions. These will normally consist of a carbohydrate as well as fruits and vegetables.


Hydration is as important as healthy food. Water is available throughout the day, and water and milk are offered at morning snack time. 


Children who stay all day or until 1pm provide their own packed lunch.  We work with parents to support healthy eating at every meal.

Health Eating

Children should come to Tiddlywinks in comfortable clothing appropriate to the weather conditions.

Each child keeps a pair of wellies and waterproofs at Tiddlywinks for outdoor play. 

Uniform is not mandatory but many of our children choose to wear it.

Uniform can be purchased directly from Tiddlywinks

Clothing & Uniform
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Tiddlywinks uses Seesaw to regularly update parents on their child’s progress and to share group activities within the Pre-School. 

We also encourage parents to share ‘wow’ moments from home with us so that we can work together on your child’s development and next steps.

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